Surgical Services

At St. Luke’s Hospital, our patients benefit from the latest technology and a team of expert physicians who make patient comfort their top priority.

The Heart Center at St. Luke's Hospital, a comprehensive cardiac treatment center, offers the newest technological advances for coronary surgery. Surgeons perform open-heart, conventional coronary artery bypass and valvular repair procedures. An innovative surgery called off-pump coronary artery bypass procedure (OPCAB) allows surgeons to perform bypass surgery as the heart continues to beat.

St. Luke's was one of the first hospitals in this area to perform laparoscopic procedures, which feature minimally invasive techniques. These procedures involve less trauma to the patient, without large, open incisions, and they facilitate quicker recoveries. General, gynecological and urological procedures are routinely performed using laparoscopic techniques. Because this technology has resulted in quicker recovery times for patients, many of these procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, making St. Luke's a leader in outpatient surgery. Our Outpatient Center, located within the hospital, has its own convenient entrance, a spacious waiting area and expedited services for outpatient procedures.

In addition to being a leader in laparoscopic procedures, St. Luke's also utilizes lasers in nearly all specialties, including gynecology, ophthalmology, urology, general and vascular procedures.

Other procedures performed at St. Luke's include minimally invasive robotic surgeries, total joint replacements, complex neurological procedures and the latest in diagnostic capabilities with intraoperative ultrasound equipment.

In 1999, St. Luke's a freestanding ambulatory surgery center. SURGI+CARE, located on St. Luke's campus, offers a relaxed, convenient setting for minimally invasive, outpatient procedures.