Man to Man. You’ll Be Glad You Joined the Discussion.

Man to Man is the St. Luke’s Hospital prostate cancer support group. No one should have to face prostate cancer alone, but many men are reluctant to discuss their diagnosis with friends or family members. But silence is not helpful.

Our Man to Man prostate support group provides a forum for men dealing with prostate cancer. A place where you can openly discuss your concerns with peers and medical professionals who are prostate experts.

Mental and emotional support is essential to surviving and thriving with prostate cancer. Through support group participation, you’ll feel a reduction in depression and anxiety, and you’ll get the tools necessary to deal with stress and to better adjust to your changing situation.

A prostate cancer support group that will boost your courage, and give you practical help.

A prostate cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling alone and afraid. It will be helpful for you to know other men who’ve been through this. Others who understand and have learned how to recover, get on with life, and live it to the full.

Through the St. Luke’s Hospital Man to Man prostate cancer support group, you’ll gain instant camaraderie and support. You will become empowered to face your diagnosis and your treatment. The other participants will give you practical suggestions for dealing with side effects, and for resources and providers.

It’s no secret that men often find it difficult to express themselves. A support group provides a safe environment in which to share.

Man to Man prostate support group members include patients and families dealing with:

  • Bowel dysfunction
  • Emotional issues
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of fertility
  • Side effects of hormone therapy
  • Side effects of chemotherapy
  • Urinary dysfunction

We encourage you to get in touch today. Joining the Man to Man prostate cancer support group will go a long way toward helping you manage the side effects and life-altering changes that can come with prostate cancer.