The Support You Need, to Stay Tobacco Free.

Tobacco usage, no matter the form, is harmful to your health. This is an indisputable fact. The best way to stop using tobacco – and stay tobacco free – is an ongoing discussion, even among medical professionals.

One thing we know for sure, though, is that finding a support group to help you stop using tobacco products and stay tobacco free will increase your chances for success.

The St. Luke’s Hospital Staying Tobacco Free support group provides the support you need to succeed. And you’ll have access to a smoking cessation expert who can answer your questions and lead a relevant, practical discussion each time the group meets.

Practical Help

Quitting tobacco use can seem like an impossible challenge. Thanks to the Staying Tobacco Free support group at St. Luke’s Nicotine Independence Center, you can find inspiration and strength in your peers who are quitting alongside you.

The support group includes participants who have been living tobacco free for some time, as well as those just venturing into their tobacco free lifestyle. You’ll find ongoing support and encouragement from those who’ve been where you are.

A smoking cessation expert will share with you the tools that are available to quit using tobacco and stay tobacco free. You’ll hear success stories of others, share your frustrations and challenges, and find solutions that have worked for others.

Staying Tobacco Free Support Group Members Include Patients and Families Dealing with:

  • Addiction and withdrawal
  • Craving management
  • Health benefits of quitting/risks of tobacco use
  • How to deal with triggers for smoking
  • Quit smoking medication information
  • Quitting tips and resources for staying tobacco free

We encourage you to get in touch today. Joining the St. Luke’s Hospital Staying Tobacco Free support group will go a long way toward helping you understand how to quit, stay committed, and live the rest of your life tobacco free.

For more information, call 419.893.QUIT (7848) or contact us by email at