Medical Student/Residency

 We are delighted that you have chosen St. Luke’s to be a part of your educational experience.  You will find the steps needed, to continue your student/residency journey, listed below. 

  1. Complete Health Requirements Form.  If your information is on file at your learning institution, you may print a copy and attach to this form.  Please make sure to review your institution form and fill in any missing information on the St. Luke’s form.  Return to the Medical Staff office.
    • School document must have student name on it. If not, school representative must provide verification that information came from the school. Ex: Signed letter on letterhead, signed health document with business card of person signing, etc.
  2. Review the Clinical Orientation Module.
  3. Print and complete Clinical & Non-Clinical Attestation Form, Provider IT Access Form, and Medical Staff Information Sheet.
  4. Complete the Clinical Resident Rotation Application (Residents only).
  5. Stop at the Human Resources department to have your picture taken for your badge, so it can be picked up on your first clinical day at St. Luke’s Hospital. This can be done up to two (2) weeks prior to your start date, with a minimum of two (2) days before your start date.

Note that all paperwork must be completed and received by the Medical Staff office before a student/resident can start their first clinical day.