Advanced Surgical Skills Mean Better Results.

The surgeons and staff of St. Luke’s Colon and Rectal Center specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus with emphasis on screening for colon cancer, the surgical management of colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids, diverticular disease fecal incontinence, polyps, and inflammatory bowel disease.

As with many diseases, early diagnosis offers the best chance for a full recovery when it comes to colorectal diseases and disorders. Our physicians and surgeons have completed training in general surgery as well as advanced training in the treatment of colorectal disease.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Treating Colorectal Disorders

Our colon and rectal surgeons use, and continue to improve, a highly refined treatment selection process and multidisciplinary approach using advanced procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal disorders. We’re committed to using minimally-invasive procedures whenever possible, because these result in decreased bleeding and shorter recovery times.

St. Luke’s colorectal surgeons collaborate with other specialists to provide coordinated diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans.

An Exacting Specialty that Requires Advanced Skills

Our board-certified colorectal surgeons have extensive training and experience operating in the narrow pelvis. It is an advanced skill set, as are many of the advanced surgical procedures performed by our surgeons.

Nurses, physicians and support staff at the St. Luke’s Colon and Rectal Surgery Center are highly trained colorectal specialists who focus on patient comfort while providing the most effective relief from symptoms and improved quality of life.

Our Areas of Specialty Include, But Are Not limited to:

  • Colonoscopies
  • Colon & Rectal Surgery, including:
    • Laparoscopic Surgery
    • Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)
    • Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection (STARR)
    • Da Vinci Robotic Surgery
    • Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery
    • Interstim For Fecal (Bowel) Incontinence
    • Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH)
    • Rubber Band Ligation Hemorrhoid Therapy
    • Infrared Coagulation (IRC) Hemorrhoid Therapy
    • Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization (THD)
  • Research & Clinical Trials