Communication. A Vital Component in Life.

Fully staffed and equipped, St. Luke’s Outpatient Care offers speech-language pathology services that will help with the development or recovery of good communication skills – a vital component in the lives of all people.  

Speech-Language Pathology Services.

At St. Luke’s Outpatient Care, speech therapists assess and treat language and communication challenges and help with the development or recovery of good communication skills. Speech therapy also can help people with swallowing, eating and voice deficits by providing an in-depth assessment and recommendations for treatment. Our speech therapists assess and treat swallowing difficulties using advanced methods, including the use of a Modified Barium Swallow Study.

With the help of our expert speech-language pathology team, speech exercises can go a long way to retrain the muscles involved in speaking or swallowing. These exercises can help train the brain to understand words, numbers or gestures, as well as to improve concentration and information processing. Our speech therapists will provide a home program, when needed.

Speech disorders can include cognitive losses, memory loss, safety in the home, and a person’s ability to communicate effectively. These disorders may be a result of a stroke, cancer, dementia, diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, or patients who require ventilator or tracheostomy support.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you regain or maximize your skills to the best of your ability.


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