Our Unmatched Robotic Surgery Team

Using the latest robotic technology – the da Vinci Xi® Surgical System, these highly skilled surgeons stand ready to provide you with the most advanced surgical techniques available. They are assisted by expert robotic surgical support teams of nurses and technicians at St. Luke’s Hospital.

General Surgery

  • Constance Cashen, DO
  • Rodolfo Canos, IV, DO
  • Timothy Duckett, MD
  • Timothy Husted, MD
  • Bettina Nazemi, DO
  • Kerri Simo, MD
  • Beth White, MD
  • Robert Palmer, MD
  • Sarath Palakodeti, DO
  • Anne Edgerton, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • William Rachwal, MD
  • Christopher Riordan, MD

Colon/Rectal Surgery

  • Asish Mukherjee, MD
  • Sanjiv Bais, MD


  • Nancy Arquette, MD
  • Richard Markwood, DO
  • Elizabeth Read, MD
  • Lillian Miller, MD


  • Richard Nelson, MD
  • John Werning, MD


  • Andrew Croak, DO


  • Steven Ariss, MD
  • Mirza Baig, MD
  • Greg Haselhuhn, MD
  • Salvador Peron, MD
  • Eric Pizza, MD
  • Michael Rashid, MD
  • Dino Santacroce, MD
  • Timothy Schuster, MD
  • Timothy Suttle, MD
  • Saleem Zafar, MD

In some cases, robotic surgery can offer better outcomes with shorter recovery times. Your St. Luke’s physician can advise you and answer your questions about the best surgical options for you. Our goal is always to keep you informed and in control of your health.

If you have questions about whether robotic surgery is right for you, please contact one of the physicians below or call us at 419-893-5956, ext. 8818.