Live Your Best Life with Professional Ostomy Care

If you’ve had a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy, it can be hard to imagine what life will be like now. Will you be able to work? Can you swim? Will you ever look good in clothes again? In short – yes! With the help of the Ostomy Clinic at St. Luke’s Wound and Diabetes Care Center, you’ll learn how to take care of yourself, what to watch out for and how to maintain your quality of life, whether your ostomy was created recently or many years ago.

Better Ostomy Care, Better Health, Starting Today

Working with a St. Luke’s ET can lead to faster recovery, fewer complications, better control of discomfort or pain, and fewer hospital stays and emergency room visits. To schedule an ostomy appointment, please call us at 419.897.8376.


Wound and Diabetes Care Center
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Maumee, OH

How We Can Help

Our professionally trained, nationally-certified enterostomal therapists (ETs) are nurse specialists in ostomy care. You’ll enjoy a long-term relationship with a single ET so that you can get to know and trust each other. If a change must be made, we’ll be sure to transition you carefully to a new ET relationship.

Your ET can:

  • Help you find your ideal ostomy products and accessories
  • Make recommendations to help you reach personal goals
  • Help with problems such as pouch leaking, skin irritation and abdominal folds
  • Treat minor skin problems such as Candida, peristomal granulomas, dermatitis, and allergic reaction
  • Suggest small changes in diet, supplies, care routine, or schedule to improve your lifestyle
  • Recommend a visit to your physician or surgeon if needed